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Acomo jewelry is a nationally known collection.  Designer Peter Rache draws his inspiration from his world travels drawing on the beauty of nature he has seen all over the world. Acomo features sterling silver and natural elements such as coral, shells, stones and pearls. This line has class and style exemplified by its quality and design. 


Alma Inspiring Designs

Alma Inspiring Designs offers exclusive high quality sterling silver designers’ jewelry collection in affordable prices. We offer a wide selection of elegant jewelry that will always make a fresh yet classic statement. Whether you're looking for a piece to spruce up your look for a night out or a casual piece to wear every day, Alma's Inspiring Designs collections have it for you.



Ajmer Jewelry is unique line focused on bringing trends together.  Designer Jodi Baarstad created this line to combine ancient symbology with metaphysical elements. Ajmer Jewelry is made up of sterling silver, brass, copper, and gem stones. These metals and stones are hand crafted into versatile and unique deigns. Ajmer Jewelry reflects great style and excellent gem stones.



Alegria is a very creative and unique jewelry line known for its shiny finish and amazing semi precious stones. Artist Nilson De Assis resides in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, one of the fashion capitols of the world. It is here his inspiration comes to life with Alpaca silver; a metal alloy known for its strength, flexibility and durable shine. This beautiful silver luster never dulls making for wonderfully designed Alegria jewelry.


Anne Koplik

Anne Koplik Jewelry is one of a kind. Showing many themes and styles; Anne Koplik incorporates Swarovski crystals, glass beading, semi precious stones and hand enameling. This collection has timeless yet flashy edge with flawless craftsmanship. Because Anne Kopliks’ Jewelry has such a classic flair, it has made its way into Hollywood being featured in fashion magazines and hit shows such as Dancing with the Stars.



Bask Jewelry is imaginative and ethereal. From the creations of Steven Battelle comes this extravagant line of cabochon and hand crafted sterling silver rings. These rings are full of fire and passion featuring hand chosen gem stones to highlight any personality. Each setting of a Bask Jewelry ring is ornate giving each stone a stand out effect.


Charles Albert

Charles Albert Jewelry is meticulously hand made with high quality stones and minerals. It is this attention to detail that Charles Albert Jewelry has become a trendsetter in the industry of fine artisan jewelry. This collection is both innovative and fresh continuously conjuring new designs and styles with vast uniqueness. Charles Albert Jewelry reflects the beauty of nature with its unusual stones and extraordinary craftsmanship. Each piece is truly unlike any other.


De La Luz

De La Luz Jewelry comes from the South West of America. This Native American Jewelry collection has no match. With hand inlaid stones of all shapes and colors, this line is truly stunning. Each piece is unique and never inlaid quite like the last making your De La Luz piece one of a kind. Whether it be earrings, pendant, or bracelet, each piece has multiple stones shown throughout giving extraordinary color, design and detail. These ornate Native American Designs portray the true beauty of the South West.



Foxy Originals is a collection of Jewelry featuring fun and sassy designs made to give each and every woman their own way to shine. This collection is inspired by designers Jen Ger and Suzie Chemel belief that life is best lived with fun, excitement, and happiness. This collection embodies those words to the fullest with tons of variety and vivacious style. Foxy Originals allow women to choose their own sense of style to make life a bit more fabulous.


 Holly Yashi

Holly Yashi is a fantastic jewelry collection that has a nature inspired power. With over a thousand styles and colors available there is no shortage of variety! Designers Holly and Paul discovered a dull colored metal called niobium. This metal is hypoallergenic, light weight and can be turned into bold and vibrant colors! That is the Holly Yashi trademark. When dipped into an electrically charged bath this metal can be transformed into any color you can imagine making this jewelry collection truly unique!


 India Gems

India Gems is a very well known Jeweler around the world. They feature high quality semi precious stones and sterling silver with exceptional craftsmanship. Each piece is hand made with care and precision. This collection has classic stone cuts and unique settings making each and every piece an individual. India Gems has a vivid collection that matches any style. 



Indigo Jewelry creates remarkable styles that are perfect for any era in time. With modern twists and classic textures, Indigo has an endless selection with corals, shells, semi precious stones and more. This collection aims to capture the natural beauty of these stones through sterling silver additions that portray fluidity and balance.


Janice Girardi

Janice Girardi is a stunning collection that has classic elegance. The timeless line of jewelry show cases hand picked stones, precious metals and exceptional artisan work. Designer Janice Girardi draws on inspiration from the old empires to give her line a hint of drama and a regal flair. Any piece from this line would make a wonderful addition to any personal collection.


 Jewelry by Brett

Jewelry by Brett is an exciting new line that specializes in beautiful gem stones and the wrap necklace. This wrap style necklace can be worn in multiple styles all in one piece of jewelry! Brett Mathewson is a Pacific Northwest local gathering inspiration from the beauty of Puget Sound and the inner desire to express ourselves. Brett’s jewelry allows anyone wearing it to express your inner style in any way you want.


Joseph Brinton

Joseph Brinton jewelry is a great line for any age. The original jewelry components are made from etched brass, nickel-silver, copper and aluminum. A variety of unique surface treatments are used including baked-on organic enamels, oxidation and hammering. Every piece is treated with an invisible tarnish resistant protective coating.


Joryel Vera

Joryel Vera is a well established Utopia favorite. This designer plates all his pieces with rhodium for an anti tarnish finish. Joryel features sterling silver and semi precious stones. This collection is sold all over the world and there is no question why. All pieces have a flawless modern elegance to bring out the grace and power of every woman. This jewlery is vibrant, powerful and moving. Each stone is hand cut and placed into a sterling silver setting that will accentuate it's beauty.


Kevin N Anna

Kevin N Anna Jewelry make fantastic pieces made to suit all personalities. Their trademark being unique texture, text, and color of each piece, this line has variety for all. The text is hand etched into each Kevin N Anna piece allowing you to add a powerful message to your jewelry collection! Hand made in the U.S, Kevin N Anna make wonderfully intrinsic pieces inspired by the natural beauty of the earth.


Lemon Tree Jewely

Lemon Tree Jewely is a wonderfully creative line by Lisa Boyd in Longmont, Colorado! Each piece is designed, hand made and inspected before shipping to retailers around the country. Lemon Tree designs are inspired by Lisa's own paintings, drawings, digital art and vintage images. This collection features a lot of color and unique patterns that truly portray Lisa's style.  Lemon Tree is a colorful variety with something for everyone.



Michou Jewelry is truly a one of a kind collection. Michou jewelry draws from the inspiration of nature. Designer Michele Sonner demonstrates that her "art to wear" jewelry represents  natural beauty of the world and an ancient technique of using granules of metals and fusing them together. It is through diversity, flawless gem stones, and ample talent that the Michou collection comes to life.



Rain Jewelry Collection is known for its affordable prices while staying in the forfront of the high fashion jewelry industry. Rain Jewelry offers fun and stylish collections that go with every outfit you can think of. The style is modern and chic with just a hint of classic. This line is a dream come true for all women.


the bell collection

Collect Bells is a small company that creates sterling silver bell pendants. These pendants come from all different types of inspiration; family, love, nature, faith, and hope. Collect Bells represents what you believe in. And with such a great variety of bells and themes to choose from, there is surely a bell for every situation. Sterling Silver Bells are meant to bring inspriation, joy and through remarkable artistry.


vera wolf

Vera Wolf Jewelry is a symbol natural elements and art deco themes. With dynamic textures, depth and movement this line creates its own genre. Gem stones that rival all others and quality that sparkles, this line is unique and stunning. Designs are fun and whimsical reflecting the untamed and wild of nature and its power. Vera Wolf exudes beauty and independence.



Vinosus is a best local designer that has been featured at Utopia since the store has been open. It's clear to see why Vinosus is Utopia best seller. With hand picked gem stones, hand cut facets, and hand crafted wiring these pieces truly are one of a kind. This line comes in a wide variety of colors and styles with a style that fits any personality. Vinosus brings its own style with elegance and grace.



Home dec'or, wall art, lighting, glass art, garden, gifts


David Smith

David Smith is the owner and creator of Blowing Sands Glass Company.  David Smith is one of the great artists of the Pacific Northwest based out of North Seattle neighborhood, Ballard. This collection of art glass is unprecedented with its dramatic color schemes and unique styles. David Smith is known for his ring bowls, business card holders and custom lighting designs. Amongst his other amazing qualities these items make wonderful corporate gifts.


Fiala Design

Fiala Design Works is fun and spunky line of art glass made ready to use at your dinner table! Nancy Fiala hand paints each and every piece of art glass. However this glass art is food safe allowing you to use your art glass for more than sitting on a shelf. Each piece is different from one another and signed and dated by the designer. There are many themes and colors to choose from reflecting all life styles and personalities.


Heartwood Creations

Heartwood Creations designer Mike Fisher made his first secret box for a friend over 30 years ago. Today Heartwood Creations makes extravagant jewelry boxes, secret boxes, and game boards. Each is hand crafted to perfection making wonderful gifts and home additions. The secret box remains the trademark of the collection, intricately made with beautifully inlaid designs and patterns.


Jesse Kelly

Jesse Kelly is a Pacific Northwet local creating amazing works of glass art. Jesse focuses on vibrant colors that reflect the beauty of nature. With graceful designs and one of kind style, Jesse Kelly Glass Art could surely make an excellent addition to your home.


 The Light Garden

The Light Garden hosts a vast assortment of lighting concepts that can transform the décor of any room. Designed to represent the inspiration of nature; The Light Garden ia an ever living garden in your home! Each set of lights comes in many shapes, colors and sizes! This is a versatile collection that makes for great additions to your home and as gifts.


Mariusz Art Glass

Mariusz Art Glass is truly one of a kind. Mariusz Rynkiewicz was born in Poland and moved to Seattle in 1988. In 1995 he opened his own glass blowing studio. His glass works are vivacious and inspiring. Mariusz' glass art reflects color and beautiful shapes, both tradtitional and new with his own personality shining through. Any piece of Mariusz glass art would be a wonderful addition to your collection



Located in the San Juan Islands of the Great Pacific Northwest live Ron and Julie Flint, the artists of Mitercraft. Purchasing wood only from managed and or certified forests, Mitercraft creates unique wood accessories. That includes book marks, cards, wall art and other fabulous gifts. This collection is wonderfully crafted by hand hand making for beautiful art.


The Porcelain Garden

The Porcelain Garden is known for its lithophane lamps and night lights. Lithophanes are three dimensional planes of porcelain that when light is shone through creates magic. That is the work of The Porcelain Garden. Their real life images etched into porcelain is more stunning than any lamp or night light you've ever seen. The Porcelain Garden makes wonderful gifts or lovely additions to your own home with its effortless beauty and timeless effect.


Sue Coccia

Sue Coccia brings out the best of the Pacific Northwest through her original artworks hand drawn onto greeting cards, mugs, t-shirts and more! This designer celebrates nature in her own unique way. This collection is perfect representation of the Pacific Northwest and all it has to offer.


Ten Good Sheep

Ten Good Sheep is a wonderful company that designs ornaments and hand soaps from sheeps wool. Hand spun wool turned into art and soaps to make fantastic gifts and fun new additions to your home. The company started with three lambs and turned into a herd of ten. From there, ten good sheep turned into a local company with a very unique brand created right in the heart of home.


Wish Nest

Wish Nest is a fantastic company with a diverse collection varying from lovely jewelry to unique and fun home décor. Designer Alise Sheehan brings us to a whole new world full of house blessings and jewelry designs. Inspired by the seasons and the colors of the world, Alise Sheenhan created Wish Nest by hand sculpting and then casting her creations in lead free pewter. Wish Nest brings the feeling of home everywhere it goes whether thats on your wall or around your neck.



Zetamari is Pacific Northwest local company owned by designer Angie Heinrich. This is a hand crafted line of mosaic pieces that are elaborate and dynamic. Coming in all different shapes, designs and colors the mirror collection is unmatched. Zetamari offers jewelry boxes as well that bring beauty to your dresser. Angie Zetamari's work is beautifully crafted into these artworks for all to enjoy. Zetamari brings back the beauty of historic mosaics with new age innovation.

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