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November Birthstone


Citrine is a cluster of golden quartz crystals, its warm sunny sparkle is the stone of Abundance, and Novembers Birthstone.
Often called
the merchant stone, many cultures throughout history believed Citrine was the stone of wealth, prosperity, and optimism. Citrine known as a protector from the negative energy, open the mind to new thoughts, promoteclarity of thought.
Most frequently found in lava tubes in Brazil, as does Amethyst, yet Citrine is found at deeper levels which has more heat and a high content of iron, creating the golden color.
Citrine like all quartz has a growth pattern of a six sided crystal, or know as a hexagonal shape. This is another example of nature’s amazing creations!   Beautiful jewels created by ....Earth.




Topaz and Golden Topaz represent Money and Prosperity, but with intention!The vibration of the stone is in alignment with the Devine Will- it will manifest what you believe in your highest good. Hold your intent, dream with your highest possibilities, and focus on creating. What you expect is what you will manifest, this stone assist in your grounding properties. Focus, Ground, and Intent...The topaz, symbolizes love and affection. It is believed to give the wearer increased strength and intellect.Meditate or just focus with this stone energy...it is powerful/
Most likely found in Brazil, it can be Blue Topaz, White Topaz, Golden, or Smokey mostly depending on the amount of the Aluminum mineral in its surroundings.
Topaz is a Crystal with an Aluminum base that changes the structure from blue, to gold, to Smokey brown. It is a very
grounding stone, the golden, and Smokey are the November Birthstone.




Amber is a stone that cannot hold any negative energies. It will only vibrate with protection, balance, and calmness for those who wear it or posses it.
A truly formed organic jewel - Trees = Jewels.

Formed over 45 million years ago Amber is a organic substance, a substance or "fossil resin"  produced by pine trees.
This resin fossilized, and resulted in beautiful possibilities of the gemstones found in one of
the most unique gemstones in the world.
Because Amber is warm to the touch yet still a stone, represents the organic origins of life.



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